Practicum/Internship Night

Application Deadline: February 21, 2022
Notification Date: March 21, 2022

In the Fall of each year, the UBC and SFU clinical psychology graduate programs host a Practicum/Internship meeting to provide a setting in which community supervisors and students can come together to discuss practicum training opportunities. Each supervisor is asked to give a brief (2-5 minutes) verbal description of available training opportunities to interested students. Students then have the chance to meet the supervisors and further discuss the practica. The event is both social and informational in nature and our intent is to create an enjoyable evening for all. The event is alternately held at the UBC and SFU campuses. The 2021 Practicum Night will be held on October 26, 2021. It will be hosted by UBC’s Clinical Program through Zoom. The 2022 meeting will be held by the Clinical Psychology Clinic at SFU . Please contac Bana Ashour for more information (

Many community supervisors and students from both the UBC and SFU clinical psychology graduate programs attended the annual Practicum/Internship meeting last year at SFU. Thank you to all the supervisors who came to the event or sent information on the available practica! Sites that are offering practica in 2021/2022 are listed on the External Practica page along with descriptions of the training opportunities and instructions for applying.

There is a strong interest in continuing the practice of establishing uniform deadlines for practicum applications and notifications. The application deadline is Monday, February 21, 2022. The notification date is Monday, March 21, 2022. Although we strongly encourage sites to adhere to the stated application and notification dates, we cannot ensure that everyone will do so. In the interest of fairness to all, we ask that sites not extend offers until 9:00 am on the notification date. Students will then be asked to respond to such offers by 12:00 pm that same day so that sites may contact their next choice should an initial offer be refused. Internships typically conform to the dates established by APPIC.

Our two programs are well aware of the critical importance of the training that our students receive through practica and internships. We are very grateful to training sites for the opportunities and expertise that they provide, and we recognize that supervisors incur additional stress and responsibility when they undertake this work.

Practicum Application Procedure

Prior to submitting an application for an external practicum, students must first complete an internal Practicum Application form (aka blue form), have it signed by their faculty advisor, and submit it to the Clinic Director. This ensures supervisor and Program approval prior to applying for a position.

Each site has its own requirements for the application. Please see the description for that site or contact the site directly for details.

Together with the practicum sites and SFU, we have synchronized the practicum application and notification process. The vast majority of practicum positions are offered on this schedule. At the Practicum/Internship Night each Fall, students have the opportunity to hear about the different practicum opportunities that will be offered the following year and to talk with the supervisors. The Practicum/Internship Night is usually held in October or November. At that event, an application deadline is agreed upon. Students must submit applications by this date (usually mid-February). A notification date is also set (usually mid-March). On the notification date, the sites will contact students to offer them a position. Typically, students have until 12:00 pm that day to make a decision and notify the site.

Off-Cycle Positions

Although most practicum placements are obtained via the standard cycle described above, there are sometimes positions available outside of this calendar. Students who are interested in applying for or creating such opportunities should first speak with the Clinic Director, as some sites have a centralized system for filling practicum positions. For those sites, it would not be appropriate to approach a supervisor directly without involving the site’s practicum coordinator.