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Technology, particularly internet technology, has changed the way that we learn and practice psychology. We are interested in helping students and supervisors make use of these technologies in a manner consistent with the profession’s guiding ethical principles. To that end, we have provided instructions for two secure means of storing and sharing confidential information between supervisors and students. Our IT staff are available to help troubleshoot should you have difficulty with either of these strategies (


TrueCrypt is open-source software allows you to encrypt sensitive information stored on your personal computer or USB flash drive. It provides far better security than password protection, is easy to install, and free. For step-by-step instructions on the installation and use of TrueCrypt, click on the links below.

UBC students are REQUIRED to use TrueCrypt (or comparable alternative) on their personal computers and to ensure that all confidential client information is stored inside the encrypted container.

Server Space for Shared Files

Although TrueCrypt will protect information while it is on the hard drive, it is not protected once it leaves that container (e.g., if the student emails an assessment report to the supervisor). To further protect confidential client information, we have created a secure space (called the clinical cloud) on the UBC Psychology Department server in which to store information such as assessment reports, session videos, and termination summaries. Access to individual files is restricted to authorized users and they can be uploaded/downloaded from any point that has internet access. Thus, students and supervisors can share information securely.

Access to the clinical cloud is achieved using the OwnCloud web interface. To be able to use OwnCloud, users will first need to complete a Linux Virtual Machine Account Application form and submit it to Matt Smith ( When you complete the application form, please indicate that the request is for the clinical cloud. Once you have been provided with a login ID and password for OwnCloud, you can follow the step-by-step instructions for using OwnCloud to upload or download stored information.

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