Every year students nominate candidates for a best practicum site and supervisor. The nominations are adjudicated by the Clinic Director and Director of Clinical Training.

Best Practicum Site and Supervisor (2021):

Best Practicum Site: BC Children’s Hospital

Best Practicum Supervisor: Dr. Amanda LaMarre, R.Psych

Best Practicum Site and Supervisor (2020):

Best Practicum Site: Vancouver CBT Centre

Best Practicum Supervisor: Dr. Christine Korol, R.Psych

Best Practicum Site and Supervisor (2019):

Best Practicum Site: VanPsych

Best Practicum Supervisor: Dr. Ivan Torres, R. Psych.

Best Practicum Site and Supervisor (2018):

Best Practicum Site: Cornerstone Child and Family Therapy Clinic

Best Practicum Supervisors: Drs. Bill Koch and Rami Nader, R. Psych.

Best Practicum Site and Supervisor (2017):

Best Practicum Site: BC Children’s Hospital

Best Adult Supervisor: Dr. Lorne Korman, R. Psych.

Best Child Supervisor: Dr. Rosalind Catchpole, R. Psych.

Adjunct Faculty Appointments

We greatly appreciate the role that various professionals play in the training of our students: as course instructors, as practicum supervisors, and as research supervisors. We acknowledge this support through adjunct appointments. To keep the appointments meaningful for all involved, we require involvement in training UBC clinical psychology graduate students in 3 of the past 5 years as the criteria for deciding if someone is eligible for adjunct appointment or renewal. Involvement is typically defined as providing practicum or research supervision or teaching a course, and translates to more than a casual consultation with a student or teaching only a small part of a course. Given that internships are separately accredited programs, sponsored by the hospitals or worksites, we focus on involvement with students completing practica, not students on internship.

For those interested in applying for an Adjunct Faculty appointment, please send a current curriculum vitae and a brief cover letter detailing the work you have been doing for the department in the past couple of years (e.g., names of students you have supervised) to David Klonsky, Director of Clinical Training (

The Clinical Area will make a recommendation, but the final decision on Adjunct Faculty appointments rests with the Department Head.  Appointments are usually 1-3 years and commence on July 1st. Typically, adjunct faculty are individuals who make consistent contributions to our training program through supervision of practicum (not internship) students.

Current Supervisors

Dr. Annie Simpson, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Alex Chapman, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Amanda LaMarre, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Christine Korol Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. David Erickson, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Emily Piper, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Graeme Saruk, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Heather Fulton,Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Hendre Viljoen, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Ivan Torres, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Janine Slavec, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Joachim Sehrbrock, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. John Wagner, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Kathleen Ting, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Kathrerine Martinez, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Katherine McKenney, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Lorne Korman, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Mahesh Menon, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Marilyn Kwong, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Mark Lau, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Maureen Whittal, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Melisa Robichaud, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Mike Papsdorf, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Rami Nader, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Rosalind Catchpole, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Rose Sekhon, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Sarina Kot, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Sharon Agar, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Shawnda Lanting, Ph.D, R. Psych
Dr. Timothy Crowell, Ph.D, R. Psych

If your name is not on this list and you’re willing to have it published here, please let us know!